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Biking in the countryside

Escaping the bustling city

When you are in Amsterdam you will be amazed of the amount of people on bikes racing by. It is a wonderful sight. Everybody, from little kids to grandmothers and grandfathers, is cycling in the city. What's better than enjoying all that and, just before you completely overload, make a nice and refreshing retreat to the countryside.


We sometimes call it Dutch Buddhism. Clearing your head of all the city hustle and bustle. Biking in the countryside means seeing the great Dutch sights: Flat lands, dams and dikes, villages, cows, the green fields. It's a postcard ride, picturesque and relaxing.


Apple pie

In Holland there is only one kind of apple pie that is the best: That's your (grand)mother's. But the second best apple pie in the country you can eat during the break of our country side tour. Biking means burning calories. So halfway you might want to get some extra energie. Choose the apple pie. Because we will bike it off in the second part of the tour anyway.


Bike paths

In Holland we like cycling so much that we even honour our most beautiful bike paths with 'bike path of the year'-awards. During this tour we will bike over these prize-winning roads. It sounds almost crazy, we know. But you will probably agree with us when you've biked them :).


Countryside Tour

Countryside Tour

Countryside Tour

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